How people update their website or blog

i want to know how people update their post or blogs when they made their website directly by using html and other programming languages, do they have to write the whole code again and again just to add or edit a post ,…
like if someone use wordpress it is very easy to do ,
For example someone make their blog by hiring a web developer , and web developer used html and css to make his website , now if the person wants to add a new post to his blog how can he do , do he need to ask web developer for it.

If that is the case, yes. He needs to hire a developer again.

It’s going to be manual and very expensive to maintain.

A programmer should also create a CMS (content management system).

In most cases, freelancers only rely on an existing CMS like WordPress and only create/modify themes or plugins for their clients.

is it easy to create a cms

and how this big blogs which do not run on wordpress works , like if i made a blog using my own html and css skills , how can i update it

You need to learn JavaScript
To automate things on the front-end

And also learn a language to use for the back-end to be able to store data in the database.

FreeCodeCamp’s Curriculum will teach you how to use JavaScript on the front-end and on the back-end.

By the end you will be able to make a full application: a blog… whatever you like.

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