How should I study as a beginner?

Hi. I’m a beginner and my goal is making my own website where I can share my stories and process for a personal project I’ve been working on.
I know nothing about programming/coding. I’ve seen others doing it though, because I majored in the graphic design for a video game. And some of friends I have recommeded me the responsive web design course on Freecodecamp.

Here are my questions-

  1. What are some essential things I should learn to build a blogging website that looks ok?
  2. I’ve been following the courses, but I feel like I probably should do something more than just going through each steps if I really wanna put what I learnt into my head. For now, I’m organizing a note and even carrying it around. Is there anything else or better I should try?
  3. This question might be not related to the forum that much… But what’s the difference between building a website from the scratch and using a website builder such as Wix?

For question two:

Create projects of your own with what you are learning.
Try and combine code in various ways.
Then update your projects with new skills you learn.

If you want to journal, write down challenges and problems you faced, the steps you took to overcome them, the achievements and goals you reached.

Best practice is to place comments around code, both for you and future you.

Read articles or watch videos to make sense of what you are learning in the projects.

Happy coding

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Please google “wordpress website builder”, if you wish to be a professional website developer then you need to learn HTML, CSS, JS etc

For basic blogging purpose, you don’t need to learn above tech


How are you getting on? I am also a total new coder. Learning from scratch just decided try complete all the free courses.

Also in reply to your third point. I guess building from scratch gives you more freedom / complexity, right?