How to change my passion in a job?

How to change my passion for programming in a job.
I am on fiver and I make portfolio web-page for only 10$ and I think that I can’t consider that a job… some advices

Think of it as paid training. Maybe step up to something like upwork, or some of the even more “prestigious” site.

I don’t know where you are in terms of knowledge and skills, but sometimes you have to do some crap jobs. Getting the first “real job” in dev is difficult. I didn’t do fiver, but I have a few deadend contract things and then did some underpaid upwork projects. But one of those upwork projects got me a stunning reference and some work to which I could point that helped land my “real job”.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Have you run a marathon? It just seems to go on forever and ever. After the first 10, each mile is noticeably more difficult than the last. You just can’t believe there is still more. And then, the finish line is in sight and you know you can make it. Finding the first web dev is often like that. Except that there are no mile markings and you don’t know where the finish line is.

But if you’re treading water on fiver, see if you can branch out into bigger projects. That’s assuming that you have the knowledge an skills to attempt them.


thanks so much for the advice man!

Thanks for sharing @kevinSmith. As a neophyte programmer, thinking as this career change as a marathon speaks volumes to me.