How to Clear Specific Values from your Browser Local Storage

Removing specific values from your browser’s local storage will solve many problems related to the browser crashing or freezing on FreeCodeCamp.

This solves, as example, a common problem with browser hanging out in a challenge’s page after saving a response with an infinite loop.

When this happens, you must delete the value in localStorage storing that response.

In Chrome:

  • On , open your developer tools.
    • More tools > Developer tools (or Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows), Cmd + Opt + I (Mac))
  • Navigate to the Resources tab
  • Expand the Local Storage item in the left pane
  • Select
  • Find the challenge you wish to delete data in the right paneFinding a key in localStorage Chrome Developer Tools
  • Right click the desired challenge and select Delete

In Firefox:

  • On , open your web console with
    • Ctrl + Shift + K
  • From there, using directly the console:
    • Type console.log(localStorage); and hit Enter .
    • Click in Storage link.Print the localStorage Object from web console and show the Storage
    • The Storage panel will appear at right.
    • Filter the results to find the Algorithm, Front End Project or Challenge causing the problem.
    • When located, mouse over it and click the x at right.Click the x for deleting the value entry.
    • Once removed, check if the problem was solved. Refresh or close and open the browser if necessary.

Note: This can also be done with the Storage Inspector, but seems like Firefox hangs out when there are so many values.

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Thank you very much. I’m back baby!

This doesn’t match what I see in my developer tools at all…


Have you solved the problem on chrome ?
I also do not see the same tabs as in the explanation

I did- I’m not at my computer right now, but what I did was google “how to find local storage on chrome” and that helped me figure it out. Bump this thread if you have trouble finding it and I’ll post some screenshots.

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