How to decide between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Hello everyone. I am currently a full-time community college student who is receiving a handsome amount of scholarship/ grants. I am having trouble deciding between Computer Engineering and Computer Science. My interests are in embedded systems, video games, and cybersecurity. I am contemplating about doing CompE, but feel like it would be somewhat of a waste since there are so much more software jobs than embedded systems/ hardware jobs. However, the CompE curriculum sounds more interesting to me than CS. I have until the end of this semester to decide. What might your opinion be?

Look at the curriculum of the particular school you are in. Talk to the teachers. Try to find some alumni on linkedin to connect with (see which companies they work at). These are all methods that you can use to try to answer your concerns about what to choose.

You can also look at local job boards to see what type of jobs are available if you are more pragmatic. Every market is different. Engineers are in demand for eg when they are educated or live near aerospace engineering companies. Maybe your area has a lot of government bodies or people interested in upping their security systems. All depends.

(maybe you want to move somewhere else entirely, so research the area you want to work in and that should guide you hopefully)


@hbar1st Sorry I took too long to respond. I will be doing each of tips you gave me. However, I would be interested in moving out of my current area because I have lived in my home state my whole life and would like something different.
Thank you for the advice.

If you think that the CompE material is more interesting and suits you better, then do that. You’ll probably be required to take a few classes for both CE and CS majors, and you can fulfill your “technical electives” credits by taking some programming classes from the CS department if you’re so inclined.

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Thank you for the advice @ArielLeslie. I will try my best either way, although I am having a hard time with my physics classes.

Physics is rough. I especially found Physics 1 brutal. I was a really good student, but I had to go to my professor’s office hours every single week for that class. (On the plus side my professor loved me by the end of the semester because he knew how hard I was working.)

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