How to deploy a project from codepen to my own domain

I want to deploy my Portfolio project to my own domain which I bought from I’m not exactly sure how the whole process works. Do I have to do something with Heroku? I would appreciate any help

Download the code from codepen. It should consist of an index.html file, a CSS file, and possibly a JS file.

Take those files and copy them to the place the hosting docs tell you to (normally a folder called wwwroot). Because this place is on a remote server, you will need a way to copy them across; normally the easiest way for something simple like this to use an FTP application (there will be step by step instructions on this in the GoDaddy docs). I always used to use FileZilla, but it’s much of a muchness; you enter the server information into the settings, then you drag the files you want uploaded across and off they go


tl/dr copy the three files from CodePen to a folder on a server you are renting.

I personally use AWS S3 but the custom domain name was not the most straightforward thing to set up. I’ve heard a lot of people prefer to do it with GitHub Pages. (They have a guide for it here: & it looks like they have a custom domain option.)