How to install PHPMyAdmin in Windows 10 without using WAMP?


I was told to use PHPMyAdmin since the database records I have downloaded from my website I have problem in importing the csv copy into PostgreSQL.

So, I hope someone can tell me how to install PHPMyAdmin in Windows 10 without WAMP server…


It sounds to me like you want a client program to use with your local postgreSQL server.

phpMyAdmin is, in fact, such a client program. But it’s a web-based client program. That means, to run it on your own machine you need to set up a local web server that can run php, then set up phpMyAdmin as a web app on that server. You can make that work on your Windows machine. But it has a lot of moving parts and can be brittle, especially on a personal machine where you develop web apps. (“brittle” == “this worked yesterday but doesn’t work today. WTF?”.)

I’ve installed it on my machine without using the WAMP packaging. It was a good thing I’m an experienced Windows administrator for development servers. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the installation otherwise. And, it was a pain in the neck to get working, and totally not worth the hours I wasted on it.

I suggest you look into some other client program for your database server.

Ansgar Becker’s HeidiSQL is a good one. I’ve used it on Windows for years. It’s donationware: open source and free to use.

There are many others. See here.