How to pick a coding book?

Please set aside for a time the debate about whether you really need books to learn coding.

In general, online reviews are extremely perplexing. You’d be perplexed if you read all the negative and favourable reviews.

So, how do you go about selecting good coding books? and please also some of the latest coding books which I can study.


For me I usually search for articles on or Hashnode and the suggestions are really good there. Or sometimes I come across content on Instagram, that suggests some good books. From there on, I check out the content/outline and if it fits I end up purchasing it.

I think most of the books related to coding are supposed to be a little complicated to understand, but then we have Google and now ChatGPT to help. Overall most of the books are really good and there’s always something new to learn.

One book I would suggest that I’m planning on getting is You don’t know JS - Kyle Simpson - Full volume of 6 books

Hope this helps

When it comes to learning a language or technology, some people prefer books and some people don’t. I don’t really enjoy learning from videos, so if I can find a book that I really like I tend to prefer that. I suspect I’m in the minority there though. Where books might be more relevant is when you are learning about topics rather than technical skills. Some examples would be books about user experience, security, software design principles, etc.

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