How to respond to pull request review suggestions?

So I am a new contributor and have only made my 2nd pull request so far. My question is regarding the expectations from me regarding changes that are suggested by the reviewer. After the reviewer suggested some changes, I see new options show up in the GitHub conversation. Am I expected to reply directly there or should I implement the suggested changes locally on my project and then make another pull request?

Hi @ytrkptl !

I am the one reviewing your PR :smiley:

You can either click on the commit suggestion button and it will automatically apply those changes to your PR.

Or you can make changes locally and push up to the same branch to the same PR.
No need to create a new PR

hope that helps :+1:

Yes, that helps. There was one suggestion I made regarding the use of the word “this”, so I am going to wait till I get a reply about that.

Other than that, I also noticed that it would be better to indent the code inside the HTML string in the following lines for better readability , but then I guess that could be part of another issue. Please let me know your thoughts.

It would be better to create an issue and wait for the maintainers to respond because this type of change would mean changing the seed code for all steps including the final solution. That type of change would not be in the scope of this current PR you are working on. :+1:

If that change were approved and opened up for contribution, then that would be a separate PR all together.