How to run testable-projects locally

test projects hosted locally and test codepen projects:

I believe its unrelated to this
this is what I see:

I copy and paste the link in codepen here:

save and close, whats supposed to happen?

I also tried copying the exact link in the docs… nothing happens:

additionally, I see many linter errors in the files:

what I expect:
to be able to make changes and see console log outputs from the tests somewhere.

You can’t use a private IP address. Build the script and host it somewhere. You can use GitHub with GitHubRaw I have done that before when testing.

The errors are the line endings (LF/CRLF). You can add "endOfLine": "auto" to the .eslintrc which is what I usually just do.



"prettier/prettier": "error"


"prettier/prettier": ["error", { "endOfLine": "auto" }]

You can also run the format npm script (without the config set) that is already set up, but that will result in a lot of file changes.

You can change it in VS Code as well per file (look in the footer there is a button for it) or in the editor settings (defaults for Eol and format settings) but I would leave that alone.

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