How to start again?

I began learning HTML and CSS in August of last year and was really enjoying it and then I went on vacation and when I came back I focused on another project.
Now I don’t know how to get back or even if I want to. I was so stuck on some features of Flexbox that it killed my confidence that I could actually do this on my own.

What I would like to do is to be able to help companies (especially start ups and non profits) design websites. I am 63yo, not looking for a high tech, f/t job, just some p/t freelance work.

Do I start back at the beginning and redo HTML and CSS (I know there are new features in CSS)? It all overwhelms me. I am hoping for some guidance and support.

Thank you!


Hi @cathy59

I dont know how far you went over the older curriculum but you can start from the beginning the new one, because it is more practical. The most important is not stop, just stick to it. Be grit about it. 1h everyday it is better than 8h one day and the stop for a few days.
I recommend you also read about syntax involve in every step checking on internet (w3schools and mdn web docs, for example) tags and CSS rules. Dont worry if you dont understand all at first, we learn like that, remember how childs start to speak.
Read others code. In the browser you can open dev tools on any site page using F12 or cliking over it with mouse right button and then Inspect. Play with code there, mess things up.
I recomend you also go over this courses (all free), but in a month, we need over 2 month to get new neurona synapsis, so not point to rush (you will learn faster when you have a solid foundations):

1/ From design to code - HTML & CSS tutorial [ part one ] - YouTube || Kevin Powell basics HTML and CSS. I have corrected this link because it wasn’t what I though. Others a great for sure.
2/ Conquering Responsive Layouts
4/ (if you need)

If you are a bit overwhelemed I would recommend you start with freeCodeCamp curriculum, Kevin Powell’s ones.
When you get to Flexbox part in the fcc curriculum you also could check Wes Bos Flexbox course as well to dive on it.
But if you want to be brave and you dont give easily, I would start with the third one, Wes Bos Grid, that way you will start to build your own sites right away and other courses, and links above, will help you after to solve some specific issues. You will learn faster, even tough at first it could seem you dont. Practice is the key. Working in your own projects helps you to stick to it easily.
After, as you go throw the others course (and fcc curriculum) you can improve your first sites.
If you learn for 1h, practice at least for 2 h.
I hope that helps Cathy, dont give up. Be persistent and grit about your goal.
Happy coding!

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Thank you for all the great information and the support!

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