How to update or upload content on website?

Hi, I’m new to web development. So let’s say we make a simple portfolio site. But we will need to update the contents/projects there once in a while, or upload new ones. And some projects can be on new pages as well. How do we do that? Do we fiddle with the html directly or there is some easier way to do this? Do we make a template index.html for all of these projects and hand code each of them?
I heard about content management system but I don’t know how to incorporate those and all. Would love to have some insight on it. Thanks.


I can only speak from experience in how I’ve created and managed my own projects for FCC. I use Github to host and manage all my files for my projects. With Git I can easily push new code to the repository. It can also be used for version control so you can see what changes you have made.

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You can use WordPress its not that hard to learn how to incorporate it in your project there are tons of videos on YouTube. But if you don’t want all that extra stuff you can make your own CMS according to your needs like lets say to add new projects into your portfolio. But a portfolio website isn’t that big of a project that would need such frequent changes I don’t know if its worth all the effort to make a dynamic portfolio website. Yes portfolio websites do need updates but they are not so frequent, chances are when you decide to update your portfolio website you would also want to change the way it looks add some more quality to it, so would end up changing many things so CMS is not a good fit for a portfolio website. I would also suggest to use a version control system like git to help you make changes to your website without the worry of breaking it .

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