How to verify to an employer that you completed a course?

Is this right…
It appears that not all courses on give you a certificate at the end.
If I do this course
Mastering SQL for Web Developers – Full Course
I can pick which way to take the course:
Youtube: is free, No certificate or way to code along costs, certificate, way to code along

If I do this course it is only on YouTube and there is no Certificate.
SQL Tutorial for Beginners (and Technical Interview Questions Solved)

If I have this right, do people just put on their resumes that they took a youtube course (even though they have no certificate or proof)?

Generally, you probably don’t want to list YouTube courses on your resume.

To be honest, I don’t even list the freeCodeCamp certifications on mine.

Instead, you want to build projects using the skills you learned while obtaining those certificates or completing those courses. Having one or two high quality projects that encapsulate your knowledge as a developer is a much stronger showpiece than a certification or course completion record.

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Would put certificates from paid programs (like on a resume?

There are very few certificates I would put on my resume. One that comes to mind would be the official AWS certificates, because those tend to be recognised by the industry.

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