How(where) to start?

Hi everyone!
Almost everytime I look for a front-end job, they require some work expirence (couple of years or so) but how can I have any expirence if I can’t find a job because of the lack of expirence? How did you get your first job?

Can't find a job because of lack of expirence

Build larger scale projects on your own. Contribute to open source. Build a website for your neighbor’s hand-crocheted tea cozy business.


please what does “contribute to open source” mean?

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It means to help build an open source software project.

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oh Sounds Cool. But I guess one has to be very proficient to contribute. I’ll keep learning and hopefully someday contribute to FreeCodeCamp Open Source :grin:


Don’t assume you don’t have skills. Some contributions can be updating documentation or fixing typos in tutorials, etc.

But if you assume you can’t do something before you even try, you’ll always be right.

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Hey there,

there is a nice search for projects where you can help as a first time contributor,
you can even filter them:

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Ask nearby NGOs or Non-profit organization for giving you some work
also learn version control like Git and contribute in any kind of project, it will help a lot…

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