I am chocked, please help

after I ended a vue js course and started to make a small project myself with vue I found out that I know nothing.

i can’t even center a card

I started learning web development a year ago and stopped for a year then month ago I got back and took a course on vue js and firebase on Udemy

but without reviewing the basics again
and now I feel like I know nothing
I was just retyping what I see him doing on the screen

I am a career path changer and now I do not know what to do

What do you -want- to do? If you want to learn how to center a card, then learn that. And keep practicing so you don’t forget. Same as with any subject.

If you start learning a new skill, then ignore it for a year, you’re not going to have that skill.

So should i start over again?
Or should i follow some more tutorials?
Or should i just find something new in my current field and learn it and find a job with it
I am a mechanical engineer.
I mean i may learn revit or solid works especially revit and find work

Hello @hassan-wanas!
I am not an expert (only know html and css right now) but I can tell you that it’s fine to feel lost when working on a project of your own. On the other hand, not coding for a year and then trying to get back in seems like an exhausting, discouraging start. You will think you should know more because you’ve already taken a course in the past and be frustrated when you realize you’re basically at the beginning again. So while it’s possible for you to learn web dev from the start once more, mentally there is a high chance you will not be motivated enough. So my suggestion is to explore new avenues in your current field, mechanical engineering. There is plenty of potential there and if you pick something new, something exciting, something you’re interested in, like as you say revit or solid works, I’m sure you will feel much more motivated and eager to finish that goal than starting over and learning web dev all over again.

You know, if money is the reason you want to switch to web dev, I’m afraid that is not the best mindset to learn it. Many of the rumors that web dev pays extravagantly right from the start are not true, especially in a time of AI, tech job layoffs and lots of competition. It can be hard to land a web dev job, especially without a CS degree. So don’t feel bad about leaving web dev in that sense. It’s always better to specialize what you’re good at, even if the pay is not necessarily as high. I hope your pay using Revit is decent - I’m relatively certain it would be. It’s still a rare skill, so I’m sure it won’t be that bad.

All this I say with some hesitation, since I usually encourage people to push on with web dev, but in your case it seems like the best way is to specialize in something you would be more motivated to learn. I do not know all the intricacies of your specific case too, so forgive me if my suggestions are not relevant. Overall I want this post to be an encouragement - an encouragement that just because vue.js went awry doesn’t mean you have no way forward. There are always many opportunities for those who are ready to dedicate themselves to become true experts, whatever the field.

BTW, I have great respect for mechanical engineers - I think their work is incredible and I’m always impressed at how they implement math, physics, creativity and compute to create amazing things.

Don’t worry, my friend - the human brain can learn anything!