Help! I need some advice

I’ve been on and off into web dev for the past 3 years. At one point I was really getting good at it, esp at frontend. But due to personal issues I had to stop. Now I got back to it and I feel overwhelmed. I can’t even do the basics. Any advice? I’m kinda desperate.

Well, if you can’t do the basics, then you have to start with the basics. I expect that it will come back quickly and there will probably be parts that you’ll find you can skip over because you remember.

But review will be good. And also don’t worry about getting things perfect - get familiar with the concepts and what can be done - and get good at googling the details.

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Maybe start a small project you feel interested in.
I started a project with a puppy picture for my children.
That went further. :slight_smile:

remember that if you managed to learn it and get good at it once, surely you can do the same again. don’t beat yourself up for feeling overwhelmed and forgetting how to do certain things, that’s completely normal. i wish you the best of luck : )

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