I dont know where I am going

I started 3/4 months ago with JS, I had a little bit of knowledge of HTML and almost nothing of CSS, after all this time I have been studying a little bit every day but right now I feel super lost, I dont know if web dev is what I want to do but I dont know what else I can do with the JS knowledge I have right now. I would take any advice, any message would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hello @josetotoleal, I don’t know about others but I too have been in a place of utter confusion. Feeling like I wasn’t progressing and was being left behind. I have heard many talks and I know this is not an uncommon feeling. If computer science is what you wish to pursue there are many fields you could get into…not just web dev.

You could try different options.

Now, I’m being opinionated. Why don’t you start your journey once more, you could start from scratch or continue where you left off. Don’t push yourself too hard however don’t let yourself slack off. Even 1 hour a day studying over a long period is a lot.

Take the responsive web design course freeCodeCamp offers and continue from there. You can do this!

I’m currently working on a course here too! I taking a 100 days challenge to push myself to code. I document it on twitter. DM me on Twitter anytime.

It’s okay to fail, it shows you’ve tried but don’t give up.

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