I am looking for an accountability partner

Hello there.

I am a guy from Turkey. I am 23 years old. I dropped out from university from a department of Computer Programming at first year. I thought education there was boring and outdated.

I am looking for a newbie accountability partner, who is into coding for one month or so.

I am starting from complete 0(If you don’t count basic operators such as printf and variables).

I want someone who would study code for 1 hour a day at this stage and we can scale it together.

I want a real comrad that can research for me as I would research for him for better resources for coding.

I have ADHD, I am trying to bend the rules of what my brain suggests to.

Is there anyone would be an accountability partner to me around?

Language I am learning is python but I am open to suggestions. Also It would be a good plus if you are using Windows operating system as I do.

I want to take paces together.

Hello @fiyugames welcome to the community.

As you at beginning focus on one language until you comfortable with it.
And as you learn python you can get up with the curriculum here and https://www.hackerhero.com/ where the instructor in hackerhero is very helpful.