I am struggling with JS

HTML and CSS was quite easy. But I’m struggling with JavaScript. I was wondering what I can do to improve my JavaScript coding.

Really, the only thing that helps is practice. If you get stuck, we are here to answer questions and help!

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Yeah, there where plenty of times i said JS was to hard and was about to walk away. But if you keep at it things eventually start sinking in and become easier over time. There is a reason there is a section of the forums saying you can do this.

I thought the same a few months ago when I’d just started learning js. I was overwhelmed. and I’d stopped learning js for a few days. But then I started doing small projects which had very little use of js with html, css from frontend mentor which gave me the confidence that I can be good at it. So start by doing small projects which have just like a toggle button, then move on to slightly bigger projects and keep moving until you’re satisfied. The Js Algorithms and Datastructures course is very structured here on freecodecamp.

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