I got that 'modern' dev job after years as a wordpress dev!

I wanted to reply to my original post, but it has been closed, so I’ve had to start a new one. (just edited as I pressed ‘submit’ too soon).

In short, I did it! 9 months after writing the post, I started a full time remote job as a PHP developer. It’s been a slightly stressful path (mostly cause of the freelance stuff and my time management in that area) but now I feel like things are calming down.

So, I kept on studying, I took on a project which involved a React front end with a Django API backend. I only did it that way as originally I was supposed to just do the backend and another developer do the frontend but I ended up doing it all. I had to learn React very quickly. It’s so hard! (anyone else trying to get their head round React - it’s harder than anything else I’ve learned during my journey). But the whole thing gave me valuable experience in APIs and MVC apps (or whatever you call Django). I started using Git and Github to save my daily work to get some practice in with that.

I had vaguely applied for a few jobs (uploaded my CV a few places) and started getting calls from recruiters. The two most memorable conversations were one who asked me some Javascript questions like “What’s the difference between call and bind”. I couldn’t tell him, and he hung up pretty quickly. That left me pretty demoralised… But then another call a day later for this PHP job, spoke to the tech lead, we got on well and I think he could hear my enthusiasm. Did a tech test, had another call, got offered the job! The start was pretty stressful as I felt like a bit of an imposter, and had to bush up on my PHP, but now it’s going great and I’m really enjoying it!

Thanks to @willjw3 , @dannycodes , @DanCouper , @shaxbeard and @johnnyboygomez for your input on my original post. And good luck to everyone else on their journey!


Great to hear. No looking back now.

Great news! I’m glad you didn’t have to take my advice about finding a hybrid React/Wordpress position in the end.

I had the reverse experience from you - I was brought in to do a front end in React (and MobX and MaterialUI), but the Full Stack developer who was supposed to do the back end got a new job, and I just said “I’ll have a go at the back end tickets” (Express and MySQL). It’s been painful, but I also feel like I’m getting paid to learn by building a real project so what’s better than that?

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