Scared about changing dev jobs, am I ready?

Hi everyone,

I have been in web development for 3 years now. The first year I learned everything I could, the second and third year up untill now I have been working as a developer in a creative agency.

My problem is that this last year I have been very invested in learning new things such as Node or React…And I want to expand a bit and to grow. My job is very stable, I do what I want with a few websites, I decide the approach on things but I find myself bored some days, it is always Wordpress and while I have learned so much, and I value Wordpress for many things, I don’t think I will create anything other than that anytime soon.

Another thing that bugs me a little bit is that I am the only developer here so I cannot talk about code to anyone, no one really knows what I do and I don’t benefit from working with senior devs…

Like I said, I am a bit scared though because I still have some imposter syndrome and I am just too comfortable here, but a part of me would love to grow in the job, not just at home afterwards with courses and personal projects.

Has anyone been in this situation before? What have you done?

Also this is my website, do you think I am ready to take on more than a Junior position as a Wordpress developer (it is built with CSS Grid, using SaSS, Flexbox, ES6, bundled in Parcel and deployed on Netlify, trying to apply what I learn)?

I think I can answer last question.

Go for it! I took a look at your portfolio site and some of its projects and they look really good. I would definitely sell yourself as at least mid-level developer. Build yourself in areas where you don’t feel comfortable, whether it’s JS or React and practice your interviews, then I think you will do just fine.

Thanks, I think I just need to build a little bit of motivation (and to really finish and fix some bugs in my site heh) because I know I am feeling like I need a change. Thanks again!