I hate CSS and it's keeping me from learning more, what can I do?

CSS drives me nuts, I don’t like it or enjoy it and it’s keeping me away from completing FCC. I enjoy Ruby and JS (I hate the DOM), is web dev for me? Is there something else I should be learning instead? Any advice?

If you want to do front-end development, you have to know CSS and the DOM, full stop. But I don’t know anyone who unqualifiedly loves CSS: even most front-end developers have at best a love/hate relationship with it.

If CSS and DOM aren’t your bag, then you might prefer backend development, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Given that your preferred languages are Ruby and JS, I recommend giving Ruby on Rails and Node.js a whirl and seeing how they fit.

if you want to become a web designer then it’s imporatnt for you to learn the CSS. and another option is you can use the wordpress for making the sites. In the wordpress it’s not important to have a complete knowledge of Coding. So, you can go with the worpress if you dont like CSS and want to become web designer.

If you hate CSS then you probably don’t have much enjoyment for designing things, if that’s the case, start learning backend then, you won’t have to deal with any of that.

I agree.
CSS is learnable make small components and projects.

  • Learn to write good selectors: Emmet formerly Zen coding is based on it and can greatly speed up writing HTML. Jquery requires it. Without Jquery you have to sort out the differences between browsers yourself. Less of a hassle than it used to be.

  • Learn to organize your CSS: my favorite is https://maintainablecss.com/chapters/introduction/
    This way the CSS is in the same order as the HTML. Closer to self-documenting with good id and class names.

  • You can get by without gradients, sibling selectors, not(), animation key-framing, cubic-bezier controlled animation, but at least you know it’s there and how to look it up if it happens at work.

  • Campers seem to forget the first challenges by the time they progress to the projects. Please use online HTML and CSS validators. They aren’t perfect but they’ll get most errors which may fix many problems you’re experiencing.

  • Do browsers still have “quirks mode” CSS errors used to trigger Quirks-mode which is IE 5.5, if memory serves…

So many errors I see in these forums are:

  • using position without a position afterwards

  • using properties from flexbox or CSS grids without declaring it. eg display:flex;

  • Mixing up flexbox and grid properties

  • Using any of the above before declaring it with display: