I have built a Corona App

Hello folks,

I have built a Corona App recently while my wife was in Quarantine and I was sleeping in the living room (hehe).

There is already some traffic, and it’s 50% mobile and 50% desktop.

I have concerns about the design of the website, unfortunately, despite my great love to React.js and Front End in general, my designing skills are really weak. while I think the colors are quite fine ( beside the donate button which I’ll change ), I think the layouts really need some touch of love. I need your constructive feedback, heavily towards the design, what would you do? I want it to look more professional, scientific looking.

  • The website is mostly targeted at Israeli audience, so it’s mostly supported in Hebrew, however, I’m working on English implementation.


  • I’d be glad to answer questions about how I implemented the whole app, also the backend part of the project.

I recently visited your website. It is simple but useful to the users. Well done.

Thank you mathewdex, I appreciate your response.

One thing that really bothers me now is the Design. I keep wondering how can I lay out everything in a way that is clear and convenient to the user.