I just got hired as a fullstack junior developer

Hello everybody,

I can now finally share that I have gotten a job offer as a junor fullstack developer.
My journey started in late 2019 when I started FreeCodeCamp. I have programmed sporadicly before that but nothing serious until I decided to actually try and learn more than just HTML and CSS.

I am blessed by living in Denmark, where they have different government grants that you can apply for. This made it possible to take an education in my freetime, where I studied CS. This is really one of the reasons I landed this job.

I am a trained freight forwarder, and am going to work for a freight forwarding company as a developer. This is wonderful as I do not start completly from scratch but have experience as a freight forwarder that will help in my new position.

I applied for the job actually not expecting much. I thought I was not going to be considered for the job since I was not good enough. Even through the interview I kept talking myself down unintentionally. So imposter syndrom is very much alive over here :smiley:

This just shows that just apply for the job. Let them decide whether they want to sit down with you. A lot of the times they are looking more at the person than at the skills when hiring juniors. They need a person that fits in the team and want’s to learn because they know that a junior will need guidance and need to learn a lot of things.

I am still surprised and still not sure if I am good enough, but that is how it is when you are changing careers.

Just wanted to share my little ray of sunshine here, and good luck to you all :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you’ll stick around as you become an experienced professional.

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Congratulations my colleague freeCode that your new job brings more knowledge and challenges.

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Great work Kristian,

I’m happy for you!

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Hi @KristianFriis!

Congrats on the new job!

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Congratulations on getting the new job! Your story is inspiring.

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