I need a mentor

Is there anyone who has some time and will to work with me on MongoDB and mongoose? I couldn’t find enough resources on this so I can learn it myself as I did with other things


How can I help? Select a platform so we can start, I would suggest Discord.

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Mogu li da se pridruzim Veljko?
I ja sam stala na MongoDB i mongoos-u?

Howdy! Have you tried using platforms like codingcoach.io? It can be useful for you.
Have a good day!

I generally recommend asking questions and getting feedback on the forums. There is lots of good, free, crowd-sourced mentoring available on here.


I agree, many times have I had my issues solved by some great people here but often I am left with no or bad answer so it slows my learning down waiting

To get sustained full time mentoring with a faster response time that you get on the forum, you will probably have to pay a fair amount of money.

I am working my exampls first in VS code and they pass
but I cant submit them in the freecodecamp bicose I dont have a host
and in Replit they wont pass I spent whole day on this …
it`s silly …

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I think that once someone gets to that point, that we have an assumption that someone is going to be increasingly self-sufficient, having developed the fundamental skills and understanding to know how to read the docs and figure things out, maybe even doing searches on Stack Overflow, etc.

That being said, yeah, sometimes we have difficulties with new technologies. But I seem to remember Mongo and mongoose having good documentation. Have you read the docs? When I’m working on a new tech, I like to read through the docs, just reading a few pages each night.

Also, when dealing with something as specific and advanced as that, you might have better luck getting better quality and quantity of answers someplace devoted to just that. I think that MongoDB has a developer community forum and I would think that there are things for Mongoose, etc. Look for forums, slack channels, gitter channels, etc. FCC is a good knowledge base for the basics of general web development - it gets more sparse on things that are not commonly used here, especially when things get more advanced - you might get lucky, but you also might hear crickets chirping.

But as mentioned, having a developer on standby to answer your questions one by one is probably going to be very expensive. I think the cheaper option is also the best option for your learning - back up a bit, work on the fundamentals, read the docs, do some basic tutorials, seek out some forum, etc. that is more specific to your specific needs.


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