I need feedback of my portfolio!

Hello people, I am newbie “coder” and I just created my portfolio page.

Since I haven’t really programmed anything (just this.) I showcased some of my worst designs…

It took me several hours (days?) to make the fade animations between the cards when the viewer scrolls, I think I am happy with the final result.

I need feedback, does it displays correctly in other display sizes? Does the animations look smooth enough? The source its kind of a mess…

Well, thanks for the words and the time!

Hey, not mobile responsive, but super awesome on desktop! Really good job.

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Thank you! I will update it when I have more things to show :slight_smile:

It looks pretty good to me, I think I’d speed up the transitions just a bit and possibly widen the active range, seemed like it was easy to scroll by the middle section.

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