I need people to join in this project

Hello guys, so I’ve started this little project just to hone my skills. It’s inspired by Instagram. If you’re willing to collaborate, hit me up. The UI is just gonna be built with pure HTML, Css and JavaScript.
The ideas behind the project are the concepts of SPA (Single Page Apps) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps). It’s gonna be purely a mobile web app with native capabilities and offline functionalities. Users can share photos or videos, if you’ve used Instagram, you’d get the idea. Then again, the static files are served with Express and Nodejs which is also what the backend/api is based on. We’re also gonna be using Google’ s JavaScript style guide… Just for the perk that comes with learning…
Building UIs with frameworks is all the buzz but we’d be leveraging on Vanilla JS this time…

Here’s my questions and concerns:

So your going to build a SPA with PWA without a framework? Is there a specific reason to not use a framework? Going down the custom SPA road you will have to end up building your own custom SPA framework just to get the “SPA” part down.
Where as you could start with Angular and have a SPA with PWA support in less than an hour. (Just as an example)
I applaud the effort to not use a framework, but only if the goal is to learn more, and less of how to get the job done. Its very easy to start building a framework and give up, without even getting to the actual project.

What is the infrastructure going to look like?

  • Where are images uploaded, served from? (s3 bucket, or something else?)

  • Where is the Express+Nodejs stack going to be hosted, ran from? (AWS, Google, some other hosting service?)

  • What are the costs, or limits of the free tier hosting provided for the project? (if you want to stick with free, it changes how everything should be handled, but if there is some actual budget you can do a lot more)

  • Any other interesting technologies going to be used, or people your looking for?

    • Serverless?
    • Docker?
    • Database technology?
    • Testing?
    • CI/CD technologies?

The images would be served from cloudinary.
I’m yet to decide where to host the Express/NodeJs app. Heroku is rather too common. I wanna try something else and I’m open to suggestions.

For CI/CD, I’m torn between Jenkins and Travis. For testing, mocha and chai would be leveraged.