I Started a Blog a Couple of Days Ago!

Tell me what you think. I still need to work on some other aspects of the site (I have a difficult writing about myself, so I’ll have to set aside some time to figure that out), but I have one post up already. Let me know what you think about it, and if there’s anything I can do to improve (whether it’s my writing style, content, or something else).


I just took a look at your blog entry. There are a few reasons for which what you are doing will only aid you on your journey. (1) You are documenting your learning process. The blog lets you reflect on your learning path, difficulties and joys you experience, hurdles you face and overcome, etc. Later on when you need a refresher or need to address gaps in your learning, you will will be able to go back to your blog entries, which are effectively your notes. (2) You are providing inspiration, encouragement, and advice to others, as well as showing that it takes initiative to succeed. Others considering going into programming will see that it is possible to learn to code on one’s own. (3) By rehashing what you are learning in your own words, you are teaching yourself how to think (and talk) like a programmer. This will be useful if in the future you want to become a tutor, mentor, instructor, etc. (4) Your blog advertises your worth as a potential employee. If they see that you have been documenting your learning on a regular basis, providing detailed notes on your self-designed course, and have covered all of the bases, they will see the knowledge, skills, and insight that you might bring to their company.


Having said this, I am also quite new to programming. I am taking generalized knowledge and applying it to this field. If I am wrong about anything, please let me know. (My background is in linguistics, language teaching, science, and business.)


Though I’m not really new to programming at all. I’ve been doing some variation of programming since at least middle school (with RPG Maker, which is a lot programming, in a way), and I really started to get into actual programming at 19 (I’m 28 now).

In other words, I’m confident in my abilities as a coder. I feel like even if I don’t know something, I can always improvise and learn how to do it on the job. My only real issue is convincing an employer to hire me.

Nice work! I have a blog, and it really gives me a sense of accountability for my work. I hope it does the same for you! Good luck on your journey! :grinning:

Good job on starting a blog, you should definitely try to update it as often as possible too. Keeping it updated will give a reason for people to keep coming back, and it’ll also show employers that you can stick to it over time.

Also, just wanted to point out that control flow and loops aren’t computer science topics, which you wrote in your 8/10 post. Control flow and loops are basic programming principles and constructs, and programming shouldn’t be considered the same as computer science. So you might want to fix that.

I like it. Everything is easy to read and easy to follow. Great Job!!

Thank you for pointing that out! I just updated it to reflect that