I stuck in java script

.hey guys i started learning JS from last 1 month i study almost everything. but still i feel like i don’t know nothing what should i do

One month is nothing, it’s a ridiculously short amount of time to expect to be able to learn a skill like that. If you’re highly skilled in another programming language/s then yes, a month is reasonable to pick up another language to the point of being productive (not necessarily any good, but able to build small things). If it’s your first language, maybe add another year or two onto your estimate, six to nine months if somehow it all clicks and you pick it up very fast from now on in.

i know the html css only but i have to learn js at least some knowledge enough for coding.

Well what are you trying to do with it? If you literally mean learn a first programming language, then that takes months-years. If it’s just “do some basic stuff”, and you know exactly what basic stuff you want to do, then yeah, you can just copy stuff and apply it to the thing you need to use it with. But six weeks is a ridiculous timeframe in which to learn a complex skill (would you expect to be able to play a musical instrument, going from zero, in six weeks, for example?)

What do you mean? Where does the time line come from? Why do you have two weeks to finish? You can learn a lot in 2-6 weeks but you won’t be “finished” in terms of learning.