I want to transition from the design side to the software side of tech

I’m currently a UI/UX Designer at a Silicon Valley startup. I’m in love with the whole concept of coding and feel I would enjoy it more than the design side. I essentially don’t want to just know how to design apps but how to build my own also. I’m available 3-4 hours Monday-Friday to study and all day Saturday and about 8 hours on Sunday. If I put in the effort daily for this amount of time, do you think I can reach my goal in 4 months?

Welcome to the community!

Firstly, having a background in UX/UI design gives you a significant headstart on your journey towards becoming a developer.

As to whether 4 months of daily study can help you achieve your goal… That depends on what your ultimate goal is for those 4 months.

You stated that you want to be able to build your own apps, rather than just design them, but that’s quite a broad goal. An app can be quite simple or extraordinarily complex.

That said, you can learn a lot in 4 months, and you can become a reasonably competent developer in that time, with a bit of exposure to frontend, JavaScript frameworks and maybe even some backend technology.

Focus on the fundamentals and build some projects and you’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come 4 months from now!

Happy coding :blush:

Thank you so much for your response Jackson. This is very helpful. I have a few applications in mind I want to build.