I would like some feedback on responsive web design projects

I’ve finished the responsive web design projects and I would like some feedback, not just on the technical side but also on design.

Tribute Page

A Survey Form

Product Landing Page

Technical Documentation Page

Personal Portfolio Webpage

All feedback is welcome!
Thank you!!

Hi @flors,

Survey Form

  • some padding around the labels for your checkboxes and radio buttons would be nice
  • make it so the labels are clickable, not just the radio buttons and checkboxes
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button
  • why is a fav color selected? What if none of those colors is a fav? How about a selection for ‘other’

Product Landing

  • codepen provides validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the down arrow in the upper right of each section and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link.
    • <frameborder> is obsolete
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Hi @Roma

I’m changing what you suggested and also adding some transition bg to the submit button. It didn’t occur to me that you could make labels clickable! And about the dropdown it honestly was something a little random and I didn’t thought hard about it.

And thank you a lot for tell me about the ‘Analyze’ option on codepen, it is a needed tool.

Thank you!!

looks like a typo on your humming bird page
humming bird wolrd

Feedback for you tribute page:
You have a really nice layout and awesome colors!
good job!

Feedback for your survey form
Awesome colors once again!
I see you have a sixth sense for beautiful color!
Please have an actual topic for it like posting a review on a site or on how good your form is.
Age limits again…
I’m only thirteen and about 40% of all survey forms have an age limit.
I know you might be wondering why I’m here. I am homeschooled and have almost graduated.

Feedback for your Product landing page
Colors are awesome once again and the spacing is outstanding!
add a little bit of border-radius to it so that it will look smooth and not super sharp.

Feedback for your Tech Doc
Awesome font!

That is a unique idea that only you have the creativity to think up!

Feedback for your portfolio
You have a powerful gift in web design/development!
Keep up the awesome coding!!

Thank you @Edoc, I didn’t notice!!

Hi @ConnerOw1115, thank you for such a positive feedback!

I’m glad that you like the colors that I’ve chosen, if you are interested this is where I go to find some cool colors and color combinations https://coolors.co/app , just press space on the keyboard and it changes at random.

About the tech doc it technically doesn’t change colors, I put a gradient background on the body and give a transparent background to all the boxes inside of it, and because of the large height it gives the feeling of a changing color bg. Here are some pretty gradients if you’re interested https://uigradients.com/#SummerDog

And about the form I didn’t think hard about what to do it about and what to put in it so yeah I think it’s missing more than just an age limit. But thank you so much feedback!!