I'd like to apply for jobs next year. What do you suggest I do next?

I’ve been doing the old front-end curriculum for awhile and just finished coding the Pomodoro Clock. I can use Git and GitHub and code locally. I know a bit of React. I’ve made a little progress with p1xt’s Web Development with Computer Science Foundations, which is a long-term goal of mine.

Since I work full-time in a non-coding related job, I try to choose my next project or thing to study carefully. Not that I plan on stopping self-study if I get a coding job. I just want to be as marketable as possible by the time my current job contract ends.

You can checkout my portfolio here and my GitHub profile here.

I’ve been thinking about going through another YDKJS book or doing either one of the front-end (new or old curriculum) projects. I’ve also considered redoing an old app or even something not FCC related.

Any suggestions?

What I’ve learned recently is that experience on your resume matters way more than any skills you list. Rather than learning new things, try to get some open source contributions under your belt or take some programming side gigs.


The important thing is to keep learning and keep challenging yourself. Make sure your fundamental JavaScript skills are really really strong. I can’t emphasise this enough. But keep adding new technologies too. The trick is to go really deep in one area, but also get a broad knowledge of lots of different tech.

By the way, I used to teach ESL in Busan too - an yeong!