If I learn Python, which jobs would I be able to apply?

So far, I have HTML and somewhat of CSS under my belt along with knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I have more skills than what I mentioned but I wanted to know what jobs titles I can apply with knowing how to use Pyhton. I hope what I asked makes sense, thank you!

Python is used in a lot of fields…
With html and CSS you can go for webdevelopment, though JS would be advised for frontent, php for backend. But some also use Python with Flask or other libraries.
General you can go for Python developer, which can be whatever the company needs with basic Python.

However Python has tons of libraries which can be used in all kinds of fields, thus “knowing Python” doesn’t mean a lot. It has libraries for games, for websites, for databases, for data-visulization, machine-learning, AI and more…


thank you! i really appreciate it

@DanCouper I didn’t even noticed I misspelled Python haha thanks!

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