I'll be done with the front-end development portion of FCC just as soon as I finish this portfolio. Please check it out!

View it here

The poorly-named “Play Around” section lets you pick a theme (only 4 at the moment but I’ll add more). The Doodle theme lets you draw on the background. I’m planning to make the Magnet theme interactive as well but I haven’t implemented it yet.

Aside from clicking, the page can be turned with W/D and arrow keys. Will add scroll functionality soon.

This is the portfolio I will be showing to potential employers so I’m open to any kind of comments/criticism - any feedback is appreciated.


Looks great! I really like the idea. To give some feedback:

  1. The animation when browsing through the page sections felt slow. It feels like I’m browsing your page with a pc from the 2000s. If that’s your goal, then it worked :smile:

  2. Your JavaScript section could use some comments. Maybe try to group related functions into objects so you can get some OOP practice as well.

Good job!

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

Can I ask which browser your’e using or whether you were on mobile? If I had to guess the choppiness is a toss-up between missing the right CSS prefix for hardware acceleration or setting the wrong transition-timing-function. I have it set to ease-in-out but that may be visually confusing.

And yes the JS is an unorganized mess right now since my priority so far has been to see whether my experiments actually work, so sorry about that. I should have mentioned it’s for my eyes only at the moment or for someone really wants a headache.

You should fix your “project” section. Every link directs to tittactoe app.

Ah, I didn’t think anyone would actually click them. I got tired of copy/pasting and switching tabs after modifying the themes which are all CSS from a separate pen, so I had left them like that.

I guess I should put live links for the viewers. They’re fixed now. :V

Thank you for your feedback