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please dont mind my code that’s not what i want to know,my question goes,as someone who’s new into web dev,ive been trying to mermorise some codes,but it seems i cant possibly mermorise i want to know,is web dev really about knowing all they tags offhand or is it about knowing where and when to put each tag,then source the tag from google?please i need illustration.

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I think it’s humanly impossible to remember everything but of course the more you do it and the longer you do it the more you will remember.
Even though you will never remember everything you will probably reach a point where you know that something is possible if not the exact code and so you will know how to search for the code because you know it exists and how to use it once you find it.

another question please.i just started studying about javascript on w3school before i would start doing the challenges on fcc,i’m basically doing this because i jus want to get a clue of javascript before the fcc challenge.meanwhile im jus understanding a bit of it not really well,but the exercise the provided after each chapter i cant solve it without the help of google is this bad??

I would suggest youtube as a great source for tutorials. There are many expert tutorials there. My favourite expert is the net ninja who has a good course called modern javascript. Freecodecamp also have youtube tutorials though I personally find others easier to follow.
I would use youtube as well as freecodecamp and w3schools. The more help you can get the better.
Javascript is much harder than html or css so it is normal to struggle. I am struggling with it myself. It is going to need determination and dedication to master that’s for sure.
Good luck

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