I'm 16 years old. Am I too young to work as a freelancer?

I want to find freelance job to earn and getting experience. But when I was browsing and bidding works on freelancer.com, I never got work from them. Is it that because I am too young?

I don’t think it’s because you are young. It is very competitive in freelancer.com. I have more that 20 five star ratings. But still hard to get regular jobs. So keep trying and try other methods as well.

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Your age is irrelevant. If you can finish a project in time and find clients, you’ll get work.
Freelancer is quite competitive, there are a lot of groups and companies who are able to work for very little money due to automation or just hiring people for almost nothing.

Look for other places, make sure you know what you’re doing before you get an offer, don’t take anything you haven’t done before in your freetime. A great way to get experience is to see a project you’d like to have, and do it anyway, of course without the client’s brand, just do what he’s asking without even talking to him about it, use placeholder icons and names, and then add it to your portfolio, that way you’ll know how long you take to do that kind of job.