Im scared of moving out

Hey FCC community! Hope I choose the right thread.

I’m 21yo freelance developer. I have a good job, I love it. But here is the problem.
I wanna move out from my parents house, but im worrying about getting fired one day. I have never been fired in my 2y programming journey. But I just have this thing in my mind like “I can be fired and what now? Moving again to my parents house?” Hope you know what im thinking.

Share your opinion & advice. Thanks! Let the code be with you!

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you could try to build an emergency fund for a few months of your expenses if you live frugal, so even if it happens you have some leeway for finding something else!

lately I got pretty interested in the philosophy used at YNAB, pretty interesting read even if one is not interested in subscribing to their software, maybe check it out, it could give you some ideas on the money side of things


Really? I can’t wait to make money and move out of my parent’s house.
Yes, it’s comfortable and they do a lot of stuff for me, but I really want to do it on my own and you should too.
Look at it as an adventure into the unknown. You can do it! You just need some faith in your abilities to make it on your own!

End of rant LOL :slight_smile:

I’d say the “You can Do this” thread is for anything motivation related, so I think it fits :smiley:

If you can afford it and want to then do it. If they are forcing you, you probably should do it. If they don’t mind you sticking around, I’d just consider moving out as an option. I’d say at some point you can still move out in the future, but you want to really set yourself up for stability on your own. There is no debating that affordable housing/rent is hard to come by for some areas in the word, dependin on where you live you could be affected. For example, rent in California is much higher in some areas than rent elsewhere in the US.

Why though? Is it the fear that you “failed”? Its possible your just laid off due to budget cuts, nothing personal. Generally don’t work with fear of getting fired. Its possible you might be struggling financially and can’t afford to get laid off/fired, but this is something you can control at this point in time.

Simply put, if your scared of being laid off or fired, just be sure to have an “emergency fund” to live around 6 months without any additional income. This should cover necessities, like food and rent. Depending on how rent is in your area, this could be either a large chunk or a smaller chunk of your current income. 6 months should give you enough time to get yourself back on track.

A good generally budgeting rule is the 50, 30, 20 rule where you use 50% of your income for necessities, 30% on stuff you “want”, or are non-essentials, and 20% go to savings. If you want to focus on savings I’d flip it around to 20% on “wants” and 30% into savings.

Optimally you probably don’t want to end up moving back into your parents house, but that could be possibility if push comes to shove, and your parents are understanding.

save up 3 to 6 months rent and living money so that if poop goes down you can fall back on that until you figure it out and also plan to see if you have to move back in. also moving out of your parents how will change your life. its not as scary as it seems

“I am scared of losing weight. What if I get hungry later and gain it all back again?”. I think you are just psyching yourself out. Moving out is a super important step in growing up and everyone should do it sooner than later. If you are worried, make a list of your objections and then come up with solutions you could apply if they come to pass. Plus, listen to the good people here and put together an emergency fund so you have a cushion if the worst happens. You can do it!

Build a safety
net of funds is the way to go. When you get paid. Pay yourself first consider yourself a bill that has to be paid per paycheck have it drafted into a saving at another bank, not a the regular bank you bank at. You will be surprised how much you can save.

Have two credit cards at the max and use one only for small purchase under a fifty dollars to keep it active and only use for the case i get canned. Make a list of things you need to survive and how much you need to spend each week to make it to the next job. Put your plan list in a spreadsheet for when you need to access the information and updated it often. When you making shopping purchase any lost change needs to go in the change jar. Give you money jar a name. It help to feed Jack the money jar. Sign-you get this.

Hi there. I’m 22 years old and have been living away from my parents since I was 17. Its’ had its ups and downs, and I had to move back twice but never longer than 6 months. That’s not a bad thing though. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be independent and on your own. If you feel financially secure enough to be on your own then I say go for it. And if along the way you have to move back in with your parents there is nothing wrong with that either. It’s a good thing to know that if the worst was to happen your parents will be there for you and allow you to come home if you needed.

Live within your means, have some money put away so you can survive for awhile if all else fails and if you get fired… find a new job. If you have to take a job doing something else like working in a restaurant or what ever to get by its no big deal, just continue applying to the work you actually want to do. You can do it!