Impossible to valid the "product landing page"

Hall it’s work as in the exemple however the result of test return on problem with submit buton and nav links.
Can you see what’s wrong, I didn’t have answer by the forum :rofl:
All works…

First, I would move the CSS code into the CSS editor as that is how codepen is intended to work (and you don’t need the <style> tags, just the CSS).

Second, I would get rid of the DOCTYPE, html, and head elements as codepen will automatically put them in there for you. If you need to add things in the head then you can click on the little gear icon in the upper right of the HTML editor and you will see a text area labelled "Stuff for " and you can put all of your stuff in there.

Third, if you need to load libraries and such then you do that by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right of the JS editor and adding them under the “Add External Scripts/Pens” heading.

I’m not saying these three issues will solve your problem but since I’m assuming you are going to do all five projects in codepen it is better to learn how to use codepen properly now at the beginning.

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Thank you for your advices.
I had had obligated looking the code of exemple to fix my 2 problems.
For link, the class was on the “li” element instead of “a” element but that worked well anyway.
For the submit buton, I just deleted the label as in the exemple and now that work also.
So the chalange is validated.

It’s shame to pass all this time looking for what ’ s wrong even when all work well.

Doesn’t matter, thanks for all. FCC make a good job!

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