In which is it easier to find a job?

Hi everyone! i have questions,
In which is it easier to find a job, in which language is the entry threshold low?

Approximately how long does it take to learn in order to find a job?

Web development is the easiest part of programming to break into. The primary languages there are HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

It’s impossible to know how long it would take you personally to go from beginner to job ready. To be safe, I recommend people anticipate it taking years if you have no prior experience.


Web development has the lowest entry threshold, but the competition is fierce, and I really mean fierce, at the entry level because of it. By that I mean that there are at least 200+ applicants (usually many more) to most job postings you’ll see on LinkedIn.

It took me 24 months on the clock (exactly 2 years since I started) of full time studying (morning to evening) to get my first job after starting to learn programming from scratch, but I know people that broke into the field faster (after only 1 year) either because they had connections or they were better at learning on-the-go.

Generally speaking you’re looking at a 12-24 months adventure, it all depends on how fast you get your brain around the programming fundamentals, it’s a different way of thinking. The rest (frameworks, other programming languages, tools) come very easily after that.

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12hours day on day you learn xD ofc

I don’t recommend trying to lean programming for 12 hours a day.

My boss once said that whenever they post listings for senior jobs they will probably get 40-50 applicants.

But if they post for a junior job, they can receive as many as 500.
I think the pandemic ushered in a lot more people into the field so it is even more competitive.


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