Indian FCC's need some suggestions regarding Front end developer jobs

Since the job scenario is quite different in India because of the population and all thats why I wanted to know is it possible to get a Front end developer job in India after completing the course here in FCC?
I have searched quite a few job sites but all the companies want experienced people, no one is willing to even let a fresher sit for an interview. How am I supposed to proceed further to fulfill my dream in such a situation?
I am currently working in an IT company but I am not happy with my domain and there is not much scope for front end development here. Please suggest what should I do to get a Front end developer job?

Hi Tani,

I find the website Techgig very good, because they have tests for many skills and they are not that easy. Then they have challenges where companys are looking for developers. They have a newsletter where you can find job offers.´They also have many other opportunities, and this is all for india, for people who live in india.
(I see right now this site is currently not available).

It is not very easy for beginers to get a job, because companies don’t have enough time to give a person one year or more to learn the basics. They need a special person for a special job and as a beginner you don’t have a wide range of skills.
If you have luck you may find an easy job but so easy the work is, so much competitors you have (and much more if you live in india).

So your best choice is to finish project where you can show your skills. Then you can say i am new at this work but i am not new at this skills.
And it is the best chance to become experienced :slight_smile:

Best regards

You are right about the scenerio in India.

Most of the front end is handled by CMS like wordpress and drupal. Because This is much cost-effective(which is given most priority here).

Also the demand is much lower than availablity.

The main thing you should focus is to offer expertise.

This essentially means having larger domain of skills than just front end HTML , CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

You should complete the basics of react and node.

Basically learn mean stack(one project on each category),to get all around skill set.

This will greatly increase your chances to get a much better job.

To get a job you should consider taking small gigs and internships , to gain skills and experience.

Then you can move your way up after you gain expertise.

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Hi Phajava,
Thanks for ur suggestions.
But one question, even if I do some good projects on my own the minimum requirements for all jobs are 2-3yrs professional experience how do I even show them how skilled I am if I can’t even sit for the interview?
Even the experienced people started as freshers one day. I want to know how do they start?

Hi Abhi,
Thanks for ur suggestion. I know now a days everyone wants a full stack developer and I plan to learn both front and back end. I think ur idea for doing internships is nice. But can u suggest how do I get other small gigs?

:slight_smile:You can get Internships easily if you contact your regional web development firms and companies.

They expect you to do more in less money but you are gaining experience and also they provide proper guidelines to decrease the hussle.

Also you can get gigs on freelancing sites like and

If you keep offering the quality then after 3-4 gigs,

you don’t even have to advertise yourself as the satisfied clients bring more gigs and connections.

Just keep up the good work,best of luck…:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Abhi for the ideas :slight_smile:

In India its extremely hard to get job in I.T domain (particularly in Development domain) if one doesn’t have Engineering degree, that’s why I am struggling here to get a job in spite if of having great coding skills and strong project portfolio simply because I have a B.A degree. Really desperate to get job as developer as I am really passionate ever since I discovered programming career.

Hey i know this is very old but i really want to know…Did you get a Job as a developer…? Also did you get all FCC certifications ?
Also did you try sites like :-

If you did… how was your experience ?