Internships for Non-Students?

Owel brought this up to me in another thread

Have you tried applying for internship positions?

I’m not sure if they were aware that I’m not a student, but I’m just curious if they offer internships to non-students, and what I would need to do to go about getting one.

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I would just learn what I can and apply for an actual job instead of an internship. You most likely know more than someone applying to an internship.

But to answer your question, no.

a google jobs search for “software programming intern” shows every listing asks for something like

Pursuing a degree (BS, MS, or PhD) in Computer Science or related technical field.

however a search for “software internship” turns up a few listings that do not ask for fulltime student status - though most ask for a recent degree

these are searches in NYC - you can check other areas is at Maxpoint is at IBM is at Arthena is at CustomShow

Not sure this is correct. At least in Canada, you can definitely get an internship without being a student and it is a good alternative to University. If they’re having trouble getting a job, an internship, especially a paid one, is a great place to start.


I’ve been wondering this too. Thank you for asking this question!

Oh, wow, thank you for letting us know - I never really considered Canada for an internship, but now I will!