Interview Preparations

Hello everyone,

I have an upcoming interview in a month for Java, DSA, HTML, CSS, and JS. While I have been studying front-end development, I haven’t been able to practice DSA as much, and now when I try to practice, I can’t recall what I have studied.

I would love to get some guidance on how to prepare for this interview, especially with regard to DSA. Any tips, resources, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Any important topics I should focus more?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Madmax2 !

Cracking the coding interview is a good resource to prepare for these types of interviews.

freeCodeCamp has a coding interview prep section where you can practice too

My suggestion would be to study a little bit each day tackling one challenge at a time.

Once you start to recognize the patterns by solving multiple coding challenges you will have a better chance to solve the DSA questions during your interview.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for Your Comment! I will go through it, and it will definitely help me.

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