When to start interview prep

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I’m currently working on my Javascript certificate (which is brutal) and was looking ahead at some of the other certifications. I was debating diving into the interview prep after I explore front end libraries. Is the interview prep for those who have completed the full curriculum?

you can start going through Interview prep as soon as you finish the JavaScript certification

the only part you will need more knowledge is Take Home Projects section, it has a lot of projects to complete, similar to the five projects for each certification, here depending on the projects you will need or front-end knowledge (the two certs front end libraries and data visualization) or full stack (everything but Python certs).

Note that the Interview Prep section is brutal. It keeps building on the JS cert, going deeper in data structures and algorithms, and then hundreds of algorithms, it is topics that are often used in interviews tho

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Once you finish the javascript section you can start doing the first few interview pre challenges.

You can start with the first 9 in the algorithms sections

They cover some of the popular sorting algorithms like bubble and quick sort.

The next section dives into more of the standard computer science challenges like hash maps and linked lists.

FCC has a great video on their youtube channel covering a lot of these topics.

You can watch that first before tackling that section.

Thank you ilenia! I looked at the curriculum for it and my head almost exploded haha. I’ll start attempting the problems while I continue the rest of the camp curriculum.

Thank you for the welcome and the response! It’s a great community, which really helps with the tough coursework. I’ll definitely watch the video. The interview prep seems really important for ultimately feeling prepared to speak to an employer competently.

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