Introduction to React and React-Bootstrap

This will be a live stream of a course entitled “Introduction to React and React-Bootstrap”, hosted by NY Javscript Meetup Group, and taught by Leo Pelekh. He has been programming in plethora of languages for over 20 years and have seen many languages, frameworks and trends come and go. Facebook frameworks like React and Relay, in his opinion, are very promising and deserve a lot more attention than they get. He has been doing considerable amount of development using these frameworks in the past few years, had a very positive experience and would love to share his experience with others.

NY JavaScript expects all speakers and attendees to follow the JSConf Code of Conduct.

RSVPs for this webcast is $5. There are no refunds or transfers. Proceeds go to ScriptEd, a charity to increase code literacy among NYC youth at under-resourced schools.

To register for this workshop, please visit This will be espcially useful for those of us that are/will (very soon) be starting Data Visualization Certification!

For those of you that reside in NYC, I highly recommend joining the NY JavaScript Meetup Group!


I’m not sure when the live stream took place, but the replay is available to watch for $5. @interglobalmedia and all who attended - was it indeed a great way to start the Data Vis Cert? There are so many resources, and so little time!

True Jess. Honestly, I would have been able to participate in the original livestream, and then they had to reschedule (and I had paid the 5 bucks). I couldn’t participate in the rescheduled livestream, so I don’t know how good or not good it was. I’m sure it probably was. Anything that I have participated in/attended via NYJS has always proved valuable. I will share other REACT related stuff as I come across it, since I will soon be starting that section on Free Code Camp. Hope this feedback helps! I only shared it because there are still no tutorials on REACT on FCC, and I was supposed to be participating.