The state of JavaScript

hey everybody, I was reading through this and thought it was interesting enough to share with you all

for those who haven’t already seen it, it’s the results of a giant survey of developers, looking at several things:

  • what do devs think of JS / is it improving or getting worse?

  • what is popular (in terms of frameworks/build tools/libraries/etc.) right now / what is trending upward?

  • what tools tend to be used together?

…and much more… basically a giant overview of the JavaScript ecosystem - I highly recommend taking a look


This is great information! Definitely worth a look, thanks for sharing.

In my view, these results indicate FCC is moving in a good direction with their React-centric curriculum.

Once I finish learning Redux I definitely would like to check out some other the other notable mentions in the survey results, GraphQL, Vue, React Native, TypeScript, and so on, in addition to Elm.

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