Introduction/work situation inspiration

Hello everyone.

I’m posting an introduction here with a few details about my working situations that hopefully might inspire others, if not, it will simply serve as a way to keep myself accountable.

I work in the hospitality sector as a nightshift staff. I started learning to code quite recently because I want to get out of the hospitality industry. This isn’t a grass is greener situation, I just don’t see myself working in this industry for the rest of my life. A huge portion of my family were in this industry and I’d like to break the cycle and do something that leverages on my love for problem solving and challenging situations, creativity as well as just proving to myself that I can do it.

When I was in school, I always loved technical drawing, building electrical circuits and taking everything apart to find out how it worked. My grandfather always encouraged me to become an engineer of some sort but I had my own plans and felt that there was too much living left to do to get stuck into studying a degree.

I’ve done some cool stuff in my life so far and I’ve lived in a few different countries and searched for the meaning of life and all of that kind of stuff. I’ve also learned loads of skills and fine tuned my work ethic and level of discipline to be able to carefully balance on the edge of burning out from lack of sleep and being hyper productive. I also managed to go to the gym almost everyday, train my sport in the evenings before work, cook AND shower on a regular basis.

All I can say now is:
Finally, I’ve found a career path that always challenges me, keeps me engaged and more importantly something I love and occasionally love to hate (I’m looking at you Javascript).

Feel free to share your story with me, I always love to be inspired.

Thanks for reading!!


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Sounds excellent!!! A friend of mine found an excellent career creating the circuits that talk to the software in medical equipment.

Hey, I don’t cook on a regular basis – good on ya :slight_smile:

I’m also learnign “on the side” – my full time job is in education, lots of helping students try to navigate stuff on computers, and figure out math… so I want to see what I can make :wink: Yea, JavaScript… the whole “here it’s a colon, there it’s a dash, the other place it’s a space, and oh, where are the quotes?” puzzle :wink:

I anticipate many the little ahas… when it’s quiet in the computer lab I’ll get something to wokr and have to clap and cheer a ltitle… my student worker out in the lab laughs :wink: