Is focusing on Java good idea for an Entry Level Job seeker?

Online search indicates Java is still kicking, and that it is used at the Enterprise level and back end, but should someone seeking Entry Level programming position focus on Java in 2021, with Javascript and python being more in demand?

I started learning Java around 4 years ago. Consider myself at moderate proficiency. Continued to learn Android programming in Java as a way to build projects for a portfolio. Coded 2 Android apps from scratch that are decent sized/difficulty level.

I feel like app building is more as a hobby for me than actually trying to dig deep in android programming for a job.

Trying to switch career from a non-tech industry. Wondering if i should focus on Java and learn a framework like Spring or is switching to something like python a better choice.

I do not mind learning a new programming language. I actually kinda enjoy it and I believe transitioning from Java to most other popular languages is easier than the other way round. However at the same time I feel like I am not going anywhere and I am always at the start looking in from the outside.

I am in my mid-30s, and want to focus on learning the skills that would land me a programming job. Should I focus on Java and go into java framework? or switch to a different programming language.

Hopefully it doesnt sound as if I am asking rather learning French or Spanish is better. Just feel kinda lost about which direction to go from here.

HI @aPatrick !

Welcome to the forum!

It is not entirely clear what area of programming you are interested in.

At first I though you were interested in pursuing android development for a job but then you said this

I think once you identify what area of programming you are interested in then it will become easier to know what technologies you need for the job.

Hope that helps!

I think what you could do is try building some stuff in both languages (Java and Python) and see which one you like to use more. They both are really popular. I am biased because I’ve been coding in Python professionally for 2 years and really like it. Java is a valuable language to know. You kinda just gotta choose one and go deep in it. When you have one language down, you can transfer the concepts from it to other languages to learn them more quickly.

Java is a perfectly fine language to be looking for entry level jobs in, broadly speaking. You might want to look at job postings in your local area, but it’s not like Java is obsolete or anything.

I’m not sure what your proficiency with Java is (how long ago you first started learning doesn’t really tell someone much), but if you feel strong in it then I think that you could probably benefit from learning an additional language. I don’t suggest it just to widen your appliction pool, but because learning another language will help deepen your understanding of programming principles and make you a better Java developer. I wouldn’t suggest C#, because that’s basically the same thing as Java, but any other language is fair game: Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Rust, whatever you like.

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