Is it normal/appropriate to call/email back after an interview for an update?


I was emailed by a recruiter asking if I was interested in a QA role. I said yes and we had a prescreening phone call. After that, he scheduled for a phone interview a week later. I thought the phone interview went great. I was confident in my answers and structured my answers to the behavioral questions pretty well. It’s been 2 weeks since the interview and I’m worried. Does the interview process usually take this long? I’m not sure if they just dropped me as an option entirely or maybe they’re still doing considerations and whatnot. Regardless, I’m very worried of whether or not I moved on to the next steps. So my main questions are:

  1. Would it be okay to email/call back in a polite manner wondering about the status of my interview process?
  2. If it is okay to check up on my status, what should I say in my email/call?

I don’t mind if I don’t get through future steps but i just want to know for sure if I did or didn’t make it. My parents, who aren’t familiar with the industry, are suggesting to call them back but i want you guys’ opinions on this first. Thanks.

Um, yes, hammer the recruiter for a response. If they come back and say it was a no, hammer them for feedback. If they come back and say the employer is still deciding (2 weeks is a long time though, so be pessimistic…), hammer them for a response. It’s the recruiter’s job, you aren’t doing anything untoward or rude by asking them to provide updates.