Code samples for interview

Code samples for interview
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I have been asked to send some codesamples over the phone interview for deciding about next step. I sent the code samples 6 days ago. I have not heard back yet. What is a good time frame to contact back for feedback.


Since it’s been a week, you’re probably safe sending something like. “I just wanted to touch base after our phone conversation last week to let you know that I am still eager to move forward. After my code samples have been reviewed, what are the next steps? I look forward to talking to you again soon.”


@ArielLeslie- out of these 6 days two days were Saturday and Sunday so not a full week technically. Should I wait two more days? I do not want to annoy the interviewer?


You’ve just gotta kind of go with your gut. In the future, remember that there is nothing rude about asking “Could you give me a rough expectation of your timeline?”