Is it possible to learn coding only with this website?

See the question in the title bar.
My english isn’t very well.
I’ve tried many books and sites to learn, but
I think I’m to dumb to learning code.
Maybe the reason of this whole thinking is my “concentration disturbance”.
Have anyone the same feeling?


Greetings from Germany.

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Everyone has this feeling at some stage in their learning path. I would guess 100% of people on here would have felt it at some stage. It’s a bit like marathon runners “hitting the wall”, keep on going and you will feel better once you break through.

In answer to your main question, you really need to use other sources in combination with freeCodeCamp. YouTube is a good place to find tutorials. There are also many other paid and free resources. What is your preferred way to learn?


It may be possible but I think it would be quite difficult to learn Javascript from just this website, so don’t feel like you’re dumb because of this! I started off with the Bootcamp Prep Course from Flatiron School, which I thought got me off to a solid start on learning JS (and Ruby). There are various other free or cheap resources to learn the basics, and you won’t feel so lost when you come back to FCC.

Learning is a matter of practice and focus. As long as you try to learn and focus on learning you will learn. You will have days where you feel simply stupid but this is not true. Learning has very little to do with intelligence and a lot with perseverance. You will get stuck at times, and if you do - do something else for a while - there is no use of banging your head against a wall. After a while you can come back to the topic and see if a fresh perspective has developed. Just keep going.

Lernen ist eine Frage von Übung und Konzentration. Solange du versuchst etwas zu lernen und dich auf die Aufgabe konzentrierst wirst du lernen. Es wird aber auch Tage geben wo du dich einfach dumm fühlst - jeder hat das. Lernen ist mehr eine Frage von Durchhaltevermögen als Intelligenz. Manchmal wirst du nicht weiter wissen, das ist normal. Wenn das passiert mach einfach eine Zeit lang was anderes. Nach einer Weile kannst du wieder zum Thema zurückkommen, und sehen ob sich eine neue Perspektive entwickelt hat. Das schlimmste was du machen kannst is aufhören.

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When learning something, concepts can be in the following categories:

  1. Things you know you know
  2. Things you know you don’t know
  3. Things you dont know you dont know

FreeCodeCamp helps you with these in the following way:

  1. Make sure correctly understand the things you think you know
  2. Provide you hints and tests to move the things you know you don’t know into the things you know you know
  3. Present you things that you might not know that you didn’t know, therefore moving them into the things you know you don;t know, and later in the things you know you know

As a newbie in software development, concepts that are in the 3rd category are a real bottleneck that you would slowly find while doing projects, FreeCodeCamp is a repository of all these concepts presented to you in a reasonably good order.

That being said, FCC provides the bare minimum of information to move concepts from one category to another.Their hints (links to documentation and medium posts) on the other hand are really good at this, together with their challenges ,Read-Search-Ask attitude and incredibly useful youtube videos.

I hope my badly articulated view of what FCC provides will help you see this great platform in a better way for your own development.

Hello l00t!

I just wrote this for someone like yourself.

Keep using other books, websites, etc. plus FreeCodeCamp.

Look for these instructions in German maybe?